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Hi, I am Stephan. I am a guy from Germany, born in 1988. I work in IT security and love to travel.

Journeyography is an independent blog launched in January 2023 by me to share my experiences with financial, travel, and self-development topics.

I feel like managing your finances is an easy thing to do if you know where to start. For me, it took way too long to be honest, since nobody really tells you what to do if you don't come from a family with a secure financial background.

Even though my parents are always very supportive and help me where they can, they were never rich and so I had to start developing my finances from the ground up. Over the years, I learned a lot and would be happy to share the knowledge I gained.

Talking with friends and acquaintances, I realized that people appreciate some advice when it comes to their finances as it is something you just don't learn in school. Please note that, while I am not a professional and legally cannot offer financial advice, I would like to at least pinpoint you in a direction, which might be helpful.

This is the main reason I started this project. While starting out, I realized that I would also like to talk about other passions of mine, especially travel and self-development. While the former will probably be more fun posts about locations, recommendations, etc., the latter will focus on the harder times in life and how I got through them.

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